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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: javagroups questions - Was: Jk2 object model
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:35:59 GMT
Filip Hanik a écrit :

> hi Henri,
> When I used JavaGroups (not anymore because of licensing) it was to do
> session replication.
> Any type of replication or clustering will always impact performance in a
> negative way, but instead of you achieve fail over and high availability.
> Now I use standard TCP connections, they are very fast too. Most of the
> performance enhancements I made was in other places.
> The neat thing with TCP is that it has built in flow control and NACK. You
> can configure JavaGroups to use TCP connections,
> but in my case, I needed to have a pool of them.
> what are you leaning towards?

I was thinking about using JavaGroups, or others sort of 'multicast' 
APIs for communication between WebServers and Tomcat clusters.

1) Use the 'magic of Multicast' to detect automatically the topollogy,
    web-servers will discovers which tomcats are available and tomcats
    which web-servers are ready.

2) May be use the Multicast to forward query to the Tomcat Cluster
    Group, to be sure that AT least one tomcat will reply.

But a pre-requisite is to find such API in both Java and C, I don't 
think that's the case for JavaGroups, may be spread ( 
could be used instead since it licence it similar to BSD and that
API's exist for many languages ....

What about ?

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