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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Jk2 object model
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 08:54:19 GMT
> I'm pretty busy these days so I can't works on JK2 as I want to.
> Some ideas/reflexions.
> JK2 is very similar to JK, from the tomcat point of vue, since the
> same ajp13 protocol is used, and may be in such case we could see JK2
> too similar to JK to see users switch to JK2 (for instance we're still
> using JK in-house).
> In thread I read some says that JK2 is allready dead, and in such
> case, using JK2 to make what JK does, it may be true.
> I'm working on an in-house project were I'm using jchannels to make
> some applications works with cluster of service servers and that's
> an idea which could be fine for JK2, or JK2++ or JK3.
> Using this kind of high-level communication channels help make
> automatic clusters, without the need on the client (on our case 
> Apache/IIS) to know the topology.
> I didn't know if a native (C/C++) jchannel implementation exist
> but if we could find one, I think we should think to use it to
> make JK2 more that just JK++.
> The benefits are enormous, automatic detection of tomcats when
> added or removed from the group, determination of webapp/url which
> could be handled....
> What about ?

Oups, you should read javagroups ( in
place of jchannels ;)

JGroups is really a great piece of code but miss native code

But the idea is here, and if we could find the same kind of
code with native and java implementation, we should take a
look at it.

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