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From Alexander Schwartz <>
Subject Re: failover-problem and session mixup: jakarta-tomcat-connectors: jk_ajp_common.c
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 21:27:14 GMT
Am Di, den 27.01.2004 schrieb Henri Gomez um 18:00:

> It used to works but it was before the content-header add-on code.
> This piece of is a nightmare, and I see no easier solution than copying 
> the HEAD+POST in temp buffer but I'd like to have Bill, Mladen and JFC 
> advices...

My code tries to avoid post recovery completly as my application is at
the moment not safe to process a (POST) reqest twice. I wonder if post
recovery is really needed. 

The most common error for post recovery is the "We will know only at
read time if the remote host closed the connection (half-closed state -
FIN-WAIT2)" (stated i.e. at ajp_get_reply() function comment)

With ping/pong avaliable, is it still needed?

As I looked deeper into you code I found that mod_jk retries the request
even after headers and/or parts of the body have already been sent to
the client. 

To me it seems that ajp_get_reply() needs some extended return value
after it has called ajp_process_callback() to process
JK_AJP13_SEND_HEADERS or JK_AJP13_SEND_BODY_CHUNK to set op->recoverable

Again: my code avoids this complicated decisions by promoting less
recovery mechanisms, but early and clean failure :)

Cheers, Alex.  

Alexander Schwartz (

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