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From "NormW" <>
Subject Re: Jk2 object model + Netware OT
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:12:43 GMT
Good morning Michael.
Please excuse the OT post.
In my testing of Mod_Jk2 on NW6sp3, found I kept getting server abends when
processing [uri] sections in the file. I was wondering
if you were able to solve this or developed a work-around perhaps?
Thanks for any assistance.

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From: "Mike Anderson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 5:01 AM
Subject: RE: Jk2 object model

I'm definitely interested in helping with this but feel I'm out of the loop
a little.  What areas would be best for me to research (JMX, jchannels,
current mod_jk/mod_jk2 architecture, etc.) to be the most help?  I'm
somewhat familiar with the mod_jk stuff from supporting it on NetWare, and
have started looking at mod_jk2 (it now mostly works on NetWare with Apache
2) but I know I'm behind in some of the other areas that have been
mentioned.  Where can I help?

Mike Anderson

>>> 1/11/2004 2:17:12 AM >>>

> From: Costin Manolache
> Sent: 11. sije*anj 2004 2:36
> To: Tomcat Developers List
> Subject: Re: Jk2 object model
> >
> > But this time I'd like to spend a month or so doing 'real' design
> > without the single line of code. If we manage to put and
> describe our
> > needs on the paper, the coding itself will took
> insignificant amount
> > of time. If this plan shows that 90% of the existing
> codebase can be reused; even better.
> The first thing ( IMO ) is to decide on what improvements we
> need on the lower layer so it can satisfy any additional
> needs you may have - configuration, performance, integration
> with a wider set of applications, etc.

We can do that for sure.
Depends on how we approach to the 'evolution'. We can either try to find out
how to 'adapt' the existing codebase or 'use' from the existing codebase.
I would like to see a design or plan, or what ever you name it, that
wouldn't limit itself from the start with the choose of JK, JK2 or webapp as
a starting point, but rather use all of them as a knowledge-base foundation.

Again, the major question is are there any developer needs and willing for
I'll try to make some diagrams and some docs that will show what I have on
my mind. This may even show that I've completely 'miss the subject' :-).


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