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From "Chris Wahl" <>
Subject About Book How Tomcat Works
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 19:15:11 GMT
I found the following message in tomcat  mail-archive , but we can't access the 
book's link for several months, anyone one know what happened  to 
the great book?  or are there any article or book similar to this one,
I need some material to help me to start reading Tomcat's code.

Any infomation is highly appreciated.

As you know , here is the book's link.

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Remy Maucherat Tomcat Developers List" < 
Wed Jun 11 12:52:00 2003 

budi wrote:
> Dear Tomcat Developers,
> I've been using Tomcat for years. It interested me so much that last year I spent three
months reading the >source code. I learned a lot, not only about how the servlet container
works but also how to design Java >applications in general. I particularly liked the idea
of valves and pipelines, as well as the hierarchical containers. >Knowing how Tomcat works
enables one to write better servlets too, IMO.
> I decided to share what I have learned in a book titled "How Tomcat Works".

Sounds great :)

I'll obviously add a link to your book on the resources page, and I'll 
look at it when I have some time.

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