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From Mark Roth <Mark.R...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Important information about jakarta-servletapi-*
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 18:21:24 GMT
Hi Tim,

Tim Funk wrote:
> Does this mean that any bug submitted with a criticism (or patch) 
> against jakarta-servletapi-* can be marked as WONTFIX with a advisory 
> for the requestor to notify or 
> ? (I know there is at least one bug in 
> this category)

If the bug fix results in a change to the externally-visible portions of 
an API class (javax.*), the change MUST go through the JCP.  The best 
way to get such an issue considered is through the mail aliases I 
mentioned in the previous email.

Fixing bugs in the implementation of such classes resulting in NO change 
to the external interface (e.g. signature of public/protected methods or 
javadocs) is okay.

Additions, removals and changes to other portions of this workspace, 
such as the sample applications, are entirely okay.

I'll leave it up to the Tomcat team to decide how to handle the 
paperwork (e.g. whether to mark bugs as WONTFIX or not).  Your 
suggestion sounds reasonable to me.

It's probably a good idea to outline these rules in a README.txt file in 
the workspace as well.

Hope this helps.

Mark Roth, Java Software
JSP 2.0 Co-Specification Lead
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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