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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: + 4.1.x future
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 17:00:38 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:
>> Remy Maucherat <> writes:
>>> My opinion is that NIO is going to be really useless.
>> Eh, hello!? Oh, okay if it's not important that Tomcat scale and
>> perform well it may be useless. But, really, before NIO it was
>> hopeless to try and write a scalable and fast tcp server application
>> in Java. Tomcat's current connection handling with blocing all over
>> the place and "thundering herd" problem doesn't scale or work very
>> well under heavy load.
> Only thing you can save is the static servlet - but for that you are 
> better off using a real server or a cache.

But as Remy mentioned:

> Static content is handled with a regular (well, almost) servlet, and 
> all those requests have to go through the filter pipeline (ie, user 
> components). This is the exact same problem when having Apache serve
>  static files.

So unless you break the spec, you still will need to spawn a thread to 
process static content through the filter pipeline.

If that happens to be OK for your application, then you are right, 
better to use a real server or cache in front of your application (like 


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