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From Reshat Sabiq <>
Subject Re: Likely bug in org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet (Tomcat 5)
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2003 09:14:13 GMT

Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Reshat Sabiq wrote:
>> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>> Reshat Sabiq wrote:
>>>> I think i found a bug in Tomcat 5 implementation (J2EE 1.4-DR). I 
>>>> would highly appreciate if somebody could provide a brief 
>>>> description of what includeUri, and requestUri below stand for. I 
>>>> looked at the comments in Constants, but can't make out a lot out 
>>>> of them. Please see my comment below.
>>>> org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service() starting on line 190:
>>>>            String includeUri
>>>>                = (String) 
>>>> request.getAttribute(Constants.INC_SERVLET_PATH);
>>>>            String requestUri
>>>>                = (String) 
>>>> request.getAttribute(Constants.INC_REQUEST_URI);
>>>>                      String jspUri;
>>>>                      // When jsp-property-group/url-matching is 
>>>> used, and when the
>>>>            // jsp is not defined with <servlet-name>, the url
>>>>            // as to be passed as it is to the JSP container (since
>>>>            // Catalina doesn't know anything about the requested JSP
>>>>                      // The first scenario occurs when the jsp is 
>>>> not directly under /
>>>>            // example: /utf16/foo.jsp
>>>>            if (requestUri != null){
>>>>                ////////// This is pretty unsafe syntax, and i do 
>>>> get an exception here, which is the only reason why i can't migrate 
>>>> my app to J2EE 1.4-DR! ///////////
>>>>                String currentIncludedUri
>>>>                    = 
>>>> requestUri.substring(requestUri.indexOf(includeUri));                
>>>> if ( !includeUri.equals(currentIncludedUri) ) {
>>>>                    includeUri = currentIncludedUri;
>>>>                }
>>>>            }
>>>> P.S. On a positive note, the custom error pages do work in DR, as 
>>>> opposed to Beta 2.
>>> This works fine for me. How about telling us what kind of include 
>>> causes your bug, and the exception you get ?
>>> Rémy
>> I confirmed that it is a bug. It went further along after i put a 
>> conditional.
>> Now i'm getting an exception in:
>> <fmt:message key="better" bundle="${lc}" />
>> where lc is an instance variable of the jsp servlet: apparently it 
>> can't be resolved. It was working in Beta 2, so this might be a bug too.
>> Thanks.
>> P.S. I'll post the details later.
> Great: I really don't understand what you're trying to explain, and I 
> don't see how this is related to the include issue mentioned above. So 
> try to make it understandable if you want your bug to live longer than 
> 5 minutes ;-)
> BTW, there could be changes between PFD 3 and the final spec.
> Rémy
OK. I believe the fmt is a non-issue: el does not consider instance 
variables in fmt. It probably worked in Beta 2 out of luck 
(implementation defaulted to default localization attribute name, or 
something like that). I resolved that.
The last problem i'm having is that when requesting a folder with a 
parameter (e.g., /folder?param=value), when index.jsp for that folder is 
served it does not receive the parameter. This sounds simple, but makes 
applications unusable. Because of this, my migration to J2EE 1.4-DR is 
still in progress. It will probably be harder for me to fix this on my 
own, not knowing Tomcat's architecture and all. Has anybody else come 
across this?

P.S. In the next couple of days I will be submitting a bug and at least 
one suggested fix for the 2 issues mentioned above.



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