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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/http11/src/java/org/apache/coyote/http11
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:47:59 GMT
Jeanfrancois Arcand wrote:
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> jfarcand    2003/12/02 08:27:11
>>> Modified:    coyote/src/java/org/apache/coyote 
>>> catalina/src/share/org/apache/coyote/tomcat5 
>>> http11/src/java/org/apache/coyote/http11 
>>> Log: Implement getLocalPort using ActionCode
>>> instead of getServerPort. Associate 1 ActionCode for each getXXX
>>> method.
>>> Please review.
>> I'll have to vote -0 for implementing getLocalPort as mandated in the
>> specification, since I think this is a huge mistake, and the spec
>> authors intention is misinterpreted (or they didn't think about all 
>> the consequences of the wording they used, thinking only about the 
>> case of a server without any proxies, or using an AJP-like scheme). 
>> BTW, I also think your patch has a sky high likelihood of breaking the 
>> JK 2 connector ;-)
> Can you explain how? The only changes I did was to remove the code 
> associated with remoteAddr (which was duplicated and useless IMO).

I don't see how JK would set the localPort field (since the new action 
isn't handled yet), so I thought it would always return -1. Maybe I'm 
wrong, I didn't try it.

> Make sense.That will also apply to LocalAddr too then. What the specs 
> states is:
>      public java.lang.String getLocalAddr()
>             Returns the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the interface on
>             which the request  was received.
>      public int getLocalPort()
>             Returns the Internet Protocol (IP) port number of the interface
>             on which the request was received.
> I think parsing/using the Host header is the way to go, since it will 
> work with/without proxy. Can I -1 on myself ;-)

I don't know, maybe you can talk to the Servlet spec people first to see 
what they have to say on this issue ?


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