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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: Performance Recommendation
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:40:23 GMT
to put things in better context. Most of my work experience has been building complex applications
with web front ends. In my case, most of the content is dynamic and the static html is minimal.
Therefore, my experience with regard to performance is biased by the type of applications
I work on. In 90% of the cases where I saw a performance issue, it was the result of how data
was being fetched and cached.
when I worked on a wireless platform, 90% of the site produced pages using multiple data sources.
Some were third party and some local. In some cases, the data was scraped from a HTML site
and presented to a variety of devices using html, hdml, wml and xhtml. I don't remember the
exact performance numbers, but the query times were more than 75% of the overall request processing
time (not counting sending the response). Obviously in these types of systems, trying to optimize
5% for static strings would result in no benefit in performance or scalability.
On the otherhand, if the jsp pages are mostly static, then you it probably would be worth
it. I tend to leave this type of optimizations as the last item, after I've exhausted all
other options.

Roozbeh Zabihollahi <> wrote:
I Think there is misUnderstandings here, 

first i didnt said that tomcat works "ONLY" for 'some
development/demo site'. but I mean "WHY Tomcat must
not use for production mode?" , as Apache, That it the
best known Web Server in the world, in performance,
security and many other major factors. I ask this
question or recommend this option cause of I Love
Tomcat, and I work with it several years.

second, I think, 5% performance upgrade is very good
for a version update, and i think if we use static
byte arrays instead of normal strings, in normal
JSPs(because they have very much static strings)
performace will be more increased than 5%.

anyway, JSPs is very small part of Web Site System.
Application Server is very bigger part of it. then
optimizing servers always increasing performance
better and more significant. but I know, WebApp
architecture and Design is very very important for

Thanx for your Reply.

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