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From Kyle VanderBeek <>
Subject DataSourceRealm and Context defined JNDI Resource
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 08:36:04 GMT
Remy: I'm looking at two bugs (one of which I opened):

And it seems to have confused several people that DataSourceRealm can't 
use a JNDI Resource defined in a Context but must instead use a global 

The matters that confuse are that 1) an administrator can define a
Resource at the Context level and 2) a Realm is defined at a Context
level.  It seems to follow from these observations that a Realm should
be able to use a JNDI Resource defined at the same level.  This is
possible with the small patch I submitted on bug 24545 (from my work
address).  It seems to work fine (contrary to your 2003-6-12 remark on 
bug 16316).

In addition, this seems like a very useful functionality.  Several
people have brought up the security concern of placing their user
database in a global JNDI resource.  I also brought up the idea of
turnkey applications that could be deployed using a DataSourceRealm
without having to ask the client to make modifications to their
server.xml: drop the context fragment and the .war in the right place
and you're done.

I've gotten emails about this expected functionality (related to my bug) 
and really don't have anything to tell people.  Remy, I'd like to 
understand why you've so quickly closed these bugs WONTFIX.  I don't see 
the issue.  If there is a design problem with this, I'd like to know 
what it is.  I was hoping for a dialogue from you and the other 

In the end, maybe this is just an enhancement request.  Regardless, it's 
probably good to get this (and hopefully a series of well-formed 
responses) in the archive.


  Some people have a way with words, while others... erm... thingy.

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