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From Brian Stansberry <>
Subject Re: SingleSignOn Valve and FormAuthenticator Principal Caching
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 23:55:06 GMT

Your timing is good to bring this up.  We should definitely compare notes.  Last night I committed
a patch to JBoss that deals with this issue (classes can be found in the JBoss CVS in the
org.jboss.web.catalina.tc4 package; most are in the authenticator subpackage).

The JBoss patch is really more properly a Tomcat patch, but the JBoss folks asked me to commit
it.  I was planning to post a version to the Tomcat Bugzilla this weekend.  In fact, I'll
do it (against Bug 23881) as soon as I send this.  The TC patch is against TC 5 HEAD; the
JBoss version is against TC 4.1, plus has some minor tweaks to optimize for embedding in JBoss.


Brian Stansberry
WAN Concepts, Inc.
Tel:    (510) 894-0114 x 116
Fax:    (510) 797-3005 

At 04:27 PM 11/21/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I believe that I have found a problem with the SingleSignOn valve, and
>the Principal caching that is performed in the FormAuthenticator.  I
>believe that I have a valid patch for the issue, and I would like to
>discuss my proposed changes with the community.  After reading the
>community rules, however, I'm unsure whether I'm suppose to present this
>discussion on the mailing list, or create a new bug report, and have
>everything tracked there.  I believe my patch fixes some interaction
>problems with JBoss and Tomcat when Tomcat is used as an embedded server
>(related to bug 23881).
>Luke Nelson
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