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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: jk2/apr patch v2
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 10:37:56 GMT
Kurt Miller wrote:
> Thanks to jean-frederic clere for input on this. Ok, here goes again... ;-)
> Attached is a patch that makes the following changes for building jk2 via
> configure and make:
> 1) Introduces a new configure argument called --enable-apr-threads=<val> for
> use with --with-apr. This argument allows for threading to be configured for
> apr because apr doesn't always guess threading the same way apache is
> configured.
> 2) Changes --with-apr to configure apr while configuring jk2. This allows
> for the correct naming of the apr library name instead of hard coding it and
> compiler consistency with apache13 (I copied stuff from the webapp connector
> for this)
> 3) Added compiler consistency checks for apache13 and apache2. The same
> compiler must be used for jk2 as was used for apache. For apache13 a side
> effect is that apr is also configured to use the same compiler (picked up
> via the environment).
> 4) Added checks to force the use of --with-apr for apache13 and disallow use
> of --with-apr for apache2.
> Please review and consider for committing if there are no issues or
> objections.

+            APR_LDFLAGS="${APR_DIR}/.libs/${APR_LDFLAGS}"
That is still weird...

--apr-la-file gives the path to the apr library when installed. (better than 
I think we should install the library something like:
         $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install \
           cp $(APR_DIR)/$(APR_LIBNAME) $(LIB_DIR)/$(APR_LIBNAME)
         $(LIBTOOL) --mode=finish $(LIB_DIR)

Anyway the proposed patch is already much better than the actual code.

> -Kurt
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