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From Kurt Miller <>
Subject Re: jk2/apr patch v2
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 23:28:08 GMT
From: "jean-frederic clere" <>
> Kurt Miller wrote:
> > Thanks to jean-frederic clere for input on this. Ok, here goes again...
> >
> > Attached is a patch that makes the following changes for building jk2
> > configure and make:
> >
> > 1) Introduces a new configure argument called --enable-apr-threads=<val>
> > use with --with-apr. This argument allows for threading to be configured
> > apr because apr doesn't always guess threading the same way apache is
> > configured.
> >
> > 2) Changes --with-apr to configure apr while configuring jk2. This
> > for the correct naming of the apr library name instead of hard coding it
> > compiler consistency with apache13 (I copied stuff from the webapp
> > for this)
> >
> > 3) Added compiler consistency checks for apache13 and apache2. The same
> > compiler must be used for jk2 as was used for apache. For apache13 a
> > effect is that apr is also configured to use the same compiler (picked
> > via the environment).
> >
> > 4) Added checks to force the use of --with-apr for apache13 and disallow
> > of --with-apr for apache2.
> >
> > Please review and consider for committing if there are no issues or
> > objections.
> +++
> +            APR_LDFLAGS="${APR_DIR}/.libs/${APR_LDFLAGS}"
> +++
> That is still weird...

Yea. I was hoping that apr-config would let me know where the .a file was,
but it only tells you where the .la file is and there not in the same place.

> --apr-la-file gives the path to the apr library when installed. (better
> --link-libtool).
> I think we should install the library something like:
> +++
>          $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install \
>            cp $(APR_DIR)/$(APR_LIBNAME) $(LIB_DIR)/$(APR_LIBNAME)
>          $(LIBTOOL) --mode=finish $(LIB_DIR)
> +++

Humm. I kinda like not having apr installed since we're staticly linking it
in. For apache13 we're forcing them to build from source but I'm not sure
that an install of apr should be forced too. I guess it conceivable that apr
could already be installed and used by other applications (subversion
maybe?), but be configured differently then is needed for jk2/apache13.

> Anyway the proposed patch is already much better than the actual code.

Thanks. :)

On another thread I noted that jk_md5 is now depending on apr-util. Since
I'm familiar with the m4 macros now would it be worthwhile for me to make a
patch to add configure support for apr-util following the same pattern as
apr? I'd be focusing on the apache13 case only (--with-apr-util) since that
is what I can test easily now.


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