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From Brian Maher <>
Subject mod_jk timeout?
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 12:48:12 GMT
I noticed this message from Glenn Nielsen recently on this mailing list:

It appears that hgomez submitted a bunch of code that allows you to 
configure a ping/pong mechanism that helps it detect hung tomcats.  I'm 
very much interested in this code, but wonder if it could also detect 
an aborted apache process?

Here is a simple test I performed recently with my server configured 
like this: (Apache (1.3.x)  <---(mod_jk)-->  Tomcat 4.1).  On all my 
apache requests, I set a hard_timeout() using mod_perl.  It is pretty 
easy to see that this hard_timeout works fine by looking at apache's 
/server-status page.  My next test was to see if this hard_timeout() 
worked for Tomcat.  So, I wrote a simple JSP page as such:

    while(1) {

When I request this page and tail my log file, I see "hi" printed over 
and over as I would expect to see.  However, the disturbing part is 
that even after the hard_timeout() has expired, this thread is still 
executing (since I see a bunch of "hi\n" in my log file).  I check 
apache's /server-status page and the process that was servicing the 
request is long gone.

Could this recently submitted ping/pong code also be used from the java 
side to detect when the Apache side is no longer servicing the request?

I'd be willing to help make this happen if someone could give me some 


P.S. Please note that I am not on the tomcat-dev@ list.

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