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From Cam Smith <>
Subject Re: DefaultContext + ResourceLink
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 04:53:08 GMT
On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 02:52:52 -0700, Peter Harrison wrote:

 >On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:18, Cam Smith wrote:
 >> Hi tomcat-dev,
 >> I just downloaded the latest builds in the hope that this bug might >> be
 >> fixed:
 >> Unfortunately it still seems to be present.  I'm happy to go with 4.1 or
 >> 5.0 beta, but could someone please take a look at this?  I would  have
 >> thought that global JDBC datasources plus auto-deployment is a pretty
 >> mainstream configuration.

 >The following was posted a couple of days ago, and the bug marked as 
 >and FIXED. However, there was also the comment included below which seems to
 >indicate that the resolution was *not* to place JDBC drivers in the
 >common/lib directory, but rather add the JDBC jar to the classpath manually.
 >This is rather confusing. This is a different behavior to Tomcat 4.0.4 
 >I'm using now), and is undocuented. Ideally it should be fixed so that the
 >common/lib directory is used, as is the case with older versions.

No, you're talking about an unrelated issue.  My problem is that 
ResourceLinks (to a globally declared resource) declared in a 
DefaultContext element do not propagate to any automatically deployed 
contexts.  This occurs no matter where the driver jar is located.

Apart from forcing you to explicity configure each context, it also makes 
it much harder to use the ant based deployment tasks - in fact I've given up.

I downloaded 5.0.13 as comitters on the list have been describing it as 
stable - but the problem still exists.



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