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From Markus Rahlff <>
Subject Serious firewall problem with Tomcat / AJ13 /IIS, request parameters disappear in POSTs ????
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 12:56:15 GMT

I have a strange problem:

Im using Tomcat 4.27 connected to an IIS 6.0 via AJ13 connector.

Everythings works fine, until I use a Norton Firewall.

If I switch on the privacy setting, which strips the referer from the 
request, no request-parameter in POST-request reaches tomcat. ( No 
problems with GET-requests).

If I switch off the referer header in my Mozilla browser, everything 
works again.

So the referer is not neccessary for working.

Since Norton Firewall just overwrites the referrer - Header with stuff 
like '~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~~~~', I suspect, that this overwriting 
causes some parsing problems somewhere from IIS over AJP13 to Tomcat.

Any idea how to deal with this ?

Is there a way to make TomCat log the real data it receives right from 
the Socket connection to see, if the request is corrupt somehow ?

( Maybe someone can name me the class, where the connection-data is 
recieved and parsed.)

Best regards

Markus Rahlff

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