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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: mod_jk timeout?
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 11:04:19 GMT
Brian Maher a écrit :

> I noticed this message from Glenn Nielsen recently on this mailing list:
> It appears that hgomez submitted a bunch of code that allows you to 
> configure a ping/pong mechanism that helps it detect hung tomcats.  I'm 
> very much interested in this code, but wonder if it could also detect an 
> aborted apache process?
> Here is a simple test I performed recently with my server configured 
> like this: (Apache (1.3.x)  <---(mod_jk)-->  Tomcat 4.1).  On all my 
> apache requests, I set a hard_timeout() using mod_perl.  It is pretty 
> easy to see that this hard_timeout works fine by looking at apache's 
> /server-status page.  My next test was to see if this hard_timeout() 
> worked for Tomcat.  So, I wrote a simple JSP page as such:
> <%
>    while(1) {
>       Thread.sleep(100000);
>       System.out.println("hi\n");
>   }
> %>
> When I request this page and tail my log file, I see "hi" printed over 
> and over as I would expect to see.  However, the disturbing part is that 
> even after the hard_timeout() has expired, this thread is still 
> executing (since I see a bunch of "hi\n" in my log file).  I check 
> apache's /server-status page and the process that was servicing the 
> request is long gone.
> Could this recently submitted ping/pong code also be used from the java 
> side to detect when the Apache side is no longer servicing the request?
> I'd be willing to help make this happen if someone could give me some 
> guidance.

The timeout support help the native side detect a problem on the java
side, for exemple a HUNG tomcat.

If the thread on java side is a long running task or a blocking task,
it should be handled by the servlet engine and sus some watchdog support
should be added in Tomcat.

In you're exemple I didn't know how the thread could be ever finished !!!

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