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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: JK/ajp13 connection reuse problem
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:57:31 GMT
Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> UK time here. Still trying to get Ethereal to trace local (intra 
>> machine) traffic. I'm not around tomorrow so it may be Monday before 
>> there's anything to dissect.
> Monday came and went. Is anyone else interested in the detail of what 
> follows (analysis of packet dumps) or should we take it off list?
> Anyway I've just now had time to look at the packet dump I captured on 
> Thursday. The sequence appears to be
> Domino: Sends first request to Tomcat
> Tomcat: Replies correctly
> Domino: Sends second request to Tomcat, gets nothing back (there's no
>         data flow from Tomcat at all at this stage)
> Domino: Periodically retries sending the request packet
> That's as far as I've got and I'm just wondering whether it'd be nice to 
> write an Ethereal packet dissector for AJP 1.3 or whether that would 
> count as displacement activity. Is there anything specific I should be 
> looking for Henri?

There is allready an ajp13 disector for ethereal ;)

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