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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [5.0] Property replacement
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:39:17 GMT
Florent BENOIT wrote:
> Henri Gomez wrote:
>    Hello,
> As I had already said in a previous mail, I'm interesting in the 
> customisation of the save-to-XML feature. If it can be more flexible in 
> order to specify our own save instead of supplying a patched 
> StandardServer class (We can not extend extended the class as it's a 
> final class. And I understand that it's can be a final class)
> So, maybe I can contribute on a helper class, but I have some questions.
> The helper class will be for the method storeConfig() or for 
> storeServer() ? Because the name of the config file will remain the same 
> name in the same place.
> But it's true that the helper class must allow the best flexibility so 
> maybe it would be for storeConfig.
> So, the Helper class can be on the form StoreConfigHelper with a 
> constructor which take a Server Object.
> The storeConfig() method of StandardServer will call : 
> All the stuff concerning exceptions, persistables, skippables could be 
> in this helper class. Or it can be arguments for the constructor of the 
> helper class.
> StandardServer will also have a method for setting the helper class.
> So there is a need of an interface. My next question is : Can we 
> authorize the default StoreConfigHelper class to be extended and by 
> allowing the fact that storeListener, storeContext, etc will be 
> protected and not private.
> Or if we have only choice by implementing a class of the 
> StoreConfigHelper interface.
> My last question is about the name and the package of these classes.
> The helper class must go on the util package or stay in the core package.
> The interface must go on root package where there are a lot of interfaces ?
> Do you have advice for the name of these classes or architecture for 
> this helper class.
> I'm very interesting by having an helper class for customize the 
> save-to-xml without having to patch StandardServer class
> Regards,

To which I replied that I'm against hacking any more on the shaky code 
we have, which is *bad*.

I didn't change my mind, and I didn't forget about your previous posts 
wither. No need to post again verbatim, IMO.


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