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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: jk/jk2 - time for apr
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:36:58 GMT
Mladen Turk a écrit :
> +1 to use the APR as mandatory for the mod_jk.
> You can rename it to the mod_jk2 after that easily :-)

Heu, the idea is to make jk2 (native2) apr mandatory.

We'll keep jk as it is today.

* the plan

- update jk2 (native2) to use APR only

- port jk add-ons like ping/pong to jk2

- test, test and re-test

- mark jk as deprecated

The rule will be to use the latest APR release, ie the one which goes
with the latest Apache 2.0 release.

We could handle more recent APR via :

/* deprecated with apr 0.9.3 */
#include "apr_version.h"
#if (APR_MAJOR_VERSION == 0) && \
     (APR_MINOR_VERSION <= 9) && \
#define apr_filepath_name_get apr_filename_of_pathname

It will make jk2 ideally suited for Apache 2, and since we could find
apr.dll for Windows Box, it should be usable with IIS (Domino ?).

I'd like to have comments from Nacho, JF Clere and Mike Anderson
who are working of jk on others platforms/webservers.

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