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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject jk/jk2 - time for apr
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:34:52 GMT
Hi to all,

Now that jk seems stabilized a bit, should we focalize on jk2 ?

For instance I added some features to jk (ping/pong) which should be
ported to jk2.

Also I wonder if APR is mandatory for jk2.

I'd like to use APR as a facade to all Operating System calls.

The goal is to hide all the complexity of Windows, iSeries,
differents Unix implementations behind APR which is now stable
and well diffused.

As such it will be +1 to make APR mandatory and start modifying jk2, to 
make it use only APR call.

But I'd like to have your opinion first.

PS: For those of you who was here 2 or 3 years ago, the requirement
     of APR for mod_webapp got my total -1 at this time since it
     wasn't really available, but today that's completly different.

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