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From "Cory 'G' Watson" <>
Subject jk loadbalancer questions
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:03:47 GMT
I am using mod_jk 1.2.5 w/Apache 1.3.28, talking to JBoss w/integrated 
Tomcat 4.1.24.  I am attempting to use the lb worker to load balance 
across two instances of Tomcat.  I will eventually do this against as 
many as 5 Tomcat instances.

I am having limited success getting an equal distribution of sessions.  
I know it will never be exactly equal, but one box is consistently 
receiving an inordinate amount of the the load.

My looks like:

worker.list.loadbalancer, load1, load2


(load2 is the same, except for the .host)

I load-balance the http requests via a hardware round-robin.  Both 
hosts have identical

First, I'd like to clear up some questions about mod_jk itself (these 
are source code related, hence not posting to -user).

The array which holds the workers (and their lb_value, factor, etc) 
seems to be a per-apache-process structure created in validate() of 
jk_lb_worker.c.  So each apache process independently increments the 
lb_value in get_most_suitable_worker?

Also, the jk_get_lb_worker_list function seems cause the first worker 
listed in balanced_workers property to be the 0th element of the 
p->lb_workers array.

These two things (if correct) would cause each Apache process to choose 
the first worker in balanced_workers to handle the first request 
received, resulting in the first n sessions to be sent to the same box 
(where n is the number of apache processes).  I'm not sure if Apache 
round-robins it's children...

Obviously, newly created apache children will have no history of 
requests to base their get_most_suitable_worker on, and, if my above 
statement about the first balanced worker is correct, then they will 
send the first request to the first worker.  If my number of initial 
apache servers is low, and my load is spikey, this could cause a burst 
of children to be born and send their first request to the same box.  
They would then die when the load subsides.

Now, after the session ID is established, mod_jk is doing a fantastic 
job of sending the request to the proper servlet container.  My problem 
is getting the 'new' users to distribute evenly between my two boxes.  
This imbalance only seems to manifest itself under heavy load, hence my 
ideas about apache children.

I appreciate any clarification on this issue ;)

Cory 'G' Watson

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment 
an incredible miracle." - Dr. John Paul Stapp

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