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From Sriram N <>
Subject Re: Embedded Tomcat
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2003 03:04:28 GMT
Hi Robert,

Congratulations on having Embedded Tomcat in your application.

My apologies for not explaining a solution to your problem more clearly.

The method we had discussed by private mail earlier today indeed works. I
cannot give you actual source code, simply because I'm downloading Tomcat at
the moment.

The only part that you need to work on is the :
> MyApplication app = <someway of getting access to the instantiated object>;

that you have mentioned below:

Let's say your application (with all its parts) is represented by

You could create the class along the lines of :

public class MyApplication{

private static MyApplication currentInstance = null;

private MyApplication(){

public MyApplication getCurrentInstance(){
    if (currentInstance==null){
        currentInstance = new MyApplication();
        initialize();  // some initialization work
    return currentInstance;


You should now be able to access MyApplication's object from within your web
applications via MyApplication.getCurrentInstance();

In your care, you do not need JNDI. There is another means of sharing objects
(via JMX) that I shall explore once this Tomcat download is completed.

-- Sriram

--- Robert Charbonneau <> wrote:
> I've successfully embedded Tomcat into my application and have talked to a
> few 
> people about how to shared objects between the application and the JSPs from 
> the contexts I've defined.  I've had a suggested to use JNDI but this seems a
> little more elaborate than I need, and someone else was talking about using 
> ServletContext.setAttribute() and ServletContext.getAttribute()
> Is there a code example both application side and web side somewhere that 
> could show me how to do this?  I've been wrestling with this for a while and 
> it's starting to irritate me.  :)
> I've embedded Tomcat for the sole purpose of being able to create JSPs and 
> Servlets that can examine the properties of the application and modify the 
> properties as well.  For example, I need to be able to do the following in my
> JSP.
> MyApplication app = <someway of getting access to the instantiated object>;
> Object obj = app.getSomeData();
> obj.modifyInSomeWay();
> app.setSomeData(obj);
> If anyone can provide an example for this, I would very much appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> --
> Robert Charbonneau
> --
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