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From Kurt Miller <>
Subject jk2/jni/jdk patch
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:48:16 GMT
I noticed when building jk2 using ./configure && make that the configure
script checks for and requires a jdk even when --with-jni is not specified.
I've attached a patch that removes the need for a jdk when --with-jni is not
specified. Actually, the patch ignores
the --with-java-home, --with-java-platform, and --with-os-type arguments
unless --with-jni is specified.

The patch is quite simple but due to indentation changes it got a little
long. It changes the check for jni to be before the jdk checks. Then each
jdk check is either performed or not performed based on if jni was

Please consider committing this if there are no objections or issues.


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