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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] archive old unmirrored tomcat releases
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 19:50:47 GMT
(as many you will know) the apache software foundation policy concerning 
releases is now that all releases should be available only through:

1. the main mirrored ASF distribution directories
2. the main ASF archives

tomcat releases are still available through the older unmirrored 
directories. the download statistics (supply by infrastructure) show that 
unmirrored tomcat downloads from these directories are still proving far 
too popular. this is a major issue since the ASF has to pay for bandwidth.

my proposal is that:

1. all available distributables for the latest tomcat 3, tomcat 4 and 
tomcat 5 releases be added to the appropriate mirrored directories and 
linked to jakarta download pages. if necessary, md5's and signatures will 
be created for these distributables. (except for tomcat 3 this should just 
be checking and tidying up).

2. the older releases for tomcat 3, tomcat 4 and tomcat 5 be moved into 
the ASF archives (where they will remain available for download) and that 
all requests be redirected to the main jakarta binary download page where 
the latest release can be downloaded or the link to the archives can be 

(unless someone else steps forward) i'll volunteer to carry out this work.
  (unless someone corrects me) i'll assume that the decision will proceed 
by lazy consensus. (unless someone forces a vote before then) i'll carry 
out this work sometime after 12 noon GMT on this friday (5th september).

- robert

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