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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: mirror-enable tomcat-connector downloads
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 13:32:27 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Hi,
> as by now you most probably know, all releases should go through
> so they will be mirrored and we (the ASF) can save
> money as we pay for the transferred data.  For details please see
> <> and
> <>.
> Tomcat 4.1 is using the "official" distribution location, but AFAICS
> no connector distribution is doing so.
> I'll be happy to help with the migration ranging from giving advice to
> doing it myself, just let me know what is needed.

We have a release pending for mod_jk 1.2.5, I can take care of this
when I do the release.  I migrated jakarta-taglibs to support the
mirror months ago.  Thanks for the offer to help.

> On a related note: How does anybody find the connector distributions?
> Yesterday I had a customer who insists on placing Tomcat behind IIS
> rant about that "damned open source software" as he failed to locate
> iis_redirect.dll.  He started from the location he used to download
> the version bundled with 3.2.4 as he couldn't find a link on Tomcat's
> pages.  It's rather hard to find them that way.
> Even before Robert changed the Jakarta download pages a few hours ago,
> there has been no link to a connector download and I cannot find a
> link in Tomcat's part of the Jakarta website at all.
> I found the JK2 download by following the link in Tomcat's README in
> <>, but please
> note that (1) mirrors may not display that file at all[1] and (2)
> almost nobody is going to see the README after the redesign of the
> Jakarta download page.

Yeah, this should be made clearer and can be done as part of migrating
mod_jk to support the mirror.  I can publish to the jakarta site so
I will look into this.

Thanks for prodding us Stefan.



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