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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [5.0.10] New build ?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 10:29:32 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
>>From: Bill Barker
>>The console does need work.  At the moment it appears to be 
>>(trying to :) assume that you are using log4j with a format 
>>something like "%r [%t]: %c %p %m%n".  In general, it's a 
>>hard problem, since all that it is doing is grabbing 
>>stdout/stderr and attempting to display it in the GUI.
> Like you said, it tries to parse the stdout/stderr (as best as I figured
> the output message formats).
> The cleanest solution would be to use some standard in those if
> possible. 
> The parses tries to determine the log message type
> and the class name of the message.
> If this is too complicated we can always set the 'ac_use_lview' variable
> to zero, and use the simple ListView,
> without multiple columns, and message type icons.

I'm pretty sure the fancy example I saw used a JNI logger. Parsing the 
output is of course very complex ...
Maybe support could be added for the JDK 1.4 logger.
There's also another problem: the severity is sometimes 
internationalized :-(

If the format of the first log entry is not recognized, maybe it could 
switch automatically to listview.

If that's too complex, forget it :)

>>The other problem with the console is that it never rolls-off (so 
>>the more you log, the more memory the process consumes).
> I'll check that, but AFAIK the ListView is limited to 32K items and
> after that it should roll-off.
> Not sure that is the case, but I'll make that #defined.

That would be a nice feature :)


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