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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [5.0.10] New build ?
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 12:58:25 GMT
I think releasing a new build at the end of this week would be a good 
idea, given that most issues with 5.0.9 have been resolved.

The remaining issues I can think of:

* commons-daemon: Needs a 1.0 release (any volunteers ?); needs polish 
(display of log items in the console could probably be nicer, bug 18220).

* Schema validation issues: I still have issues validating jsp-examples, 
even with Xerces 2.1; anyone else experiencing this ? (Jean-Fran├žois 
cannot reproduce this) By release time, we'd want to ship a newer 
Xerces, so the underlying issue would need to be fixed if possible.

* Classloader leaks in some situations after a reload (ex: reload the 
admin webapp, tested on Windows / JDK 1.4.2). There doesn't seem to be 
any reference leak, and yet the classloader is not getting GCed, so I'm 
puzzled. Anyone can help me debug this ?

* More bugfixes :)

* Anything else ?


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