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From Sean Champ <>
Subject questions on AJPv13 protocol, for a non-C,non-java container implementation
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 02:12:37 GMT

I'm working on implementing support for AJP/1.3 in IMHO (see footnote
[1]), to get a Lisp process to communicate with an Apache server via
mod_jk or mod_jk2

(Currently, IMHO can use its own copy of mod_webapp for this, at least
with Apache 1.3; the mod_webapp from Tomcat, with apache2, doesn't
seem to want to work with IMHO as it is, though, and so I found my way
around to mod_jk/mod_jk2.)

As a side note: The docs at
have been very helpful for this.

Now, to the point: I have some questions, wanting to get the AJP/1.3
protocol-implemnetation right, in the Lisp code for it.

- in AJPv13.html, there's a mention of an 'integer' type
  How wide is an integer expected to be in AJPv13 ?

- in that same doc [AJPv13.html], there's mention of a 'string' type,
  used in some spots where there's no "extra" information to indicate
  the length of the string (e.g.: in header-name/header-value pairs)

  Should I assume that each not-otherwise-length-tagged string
  (e.g.: a misc. header name) ends on a null byte?

- in regards to the the AJP13 extensions (esp. conenctor<->mod_jk{2}
  authentication) mentioned at

  ...would anyone happen to know the 'status' on those extensions,
  i.e. whether they're being used in mod_jk and/or mod_jk2?  

- is there any "official" documentation about AJPv14? I've seen this
  revision of the protocol mentioned, in some places.

Thanks much! and good evening,

sean champ

[1]  IMHO is a Common Lisp web-application environment,
     avaiable at
     It's free software.
     More info, too:

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