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From "David Rees" <>
Subject Re: mod_jk does not detect a hung Tomcat
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 07:15:02 GMT
Henri Gomez said:
>> This won't work  with the pre-fork MPM, since each Apache child will
>> have
>> its own idea of the timing.  The only way that it could tell that a
>> Tomcat
>> failed is to try the request and fail :).
>>>The idea needs to be flushed out some more. But we should be able to
>>> track
>>>enough data about how a worker is performing to make some simple
> Well the code is ready, native (jk), java (tc 3.3 + jtc) and I've
> updated documentations.
> Added PING/PONG support in ajp13, and make use of select() to
> determine if there is something to read.
> I attached a copy of jk_ajp_common.c for review but I'd like to commit
> the code before HEAD diverge. Since the new functionnalities are off
> by default it shouldn't hurt ;)

You work fast, Henri.  ;-)

If you want, I can test it out tomorrow.  If you can give me patches for
Tomcat 4.1.27 and mod_jk, I'll see if I can get it compiled and run some
quick tests.


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