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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 17193] - during shutdown in Tomcat 4.1.18
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 12:54:00 GMT
Hello, Skeet!


bao> during shutdown in Tomcat 4.1.18

bao> ------- Additional Comments From  2003-09-08 10:33 -------
bao> Is there any actual movement on this? I could really do with a fix for it, and
bao> am willing to put some work in myself, but in order to fix the bug I'd have to
bao> know where the source for tomcat-jk.jar itself is, I suspect - and I can't find
bao> that... It's not in the Tomcat 4.1.27 source distribution - where does it come from?

Okay, if you want to patch you'll need to work against the cvs.
Use to figure out what top
level cvs modules you may need. Here's a list of the tomcat
related top level modules that I have found there and my guesses
of which one is which

  jakarta-tomcat            tomcat 3 sources
  jakarta-tomcat-catalina   code common to tomcat 4 and 5 ?
  jakarta-servletapi        pair to tomcat 3 -
                            servlet api 2.2/jsp api 1.1
  jakarta-servletapi-4      pair to tomcat 4 -
                            servlet api 2.3/jsp api 1.2
  jakarta-servletapi-5      pair to tomcat 5 -
                            servlet api 2.4/jsp api 2.0
  jakarta-tomcat-jasper     may be needed for tomcat4 or 5 or both?
  jakarta-tomcat-connectors may be needed for tomcat4 or 5 or both?

there are also


I guess it would be best for you to start by building

then read

download all the soft you need and yet do not have and
try to build it via


I think that the code for the connector you need lives
somewhere in between (in one of or in both)

Good luck!


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