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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: [5.0.10] New build ?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 07:22:13 GMT

> From: Bill Barker
> The console does need work.  At the moment it appears to be 
> (trying to :) assume that you are using log4j with a format 
> something like "%r [%t]: %c %p %m%n".  In general, it's a 
> hard problem, since all that it is doing is grabbing 
> stdout/stderr and attempting to display it in the GUI.

Like you said, it tries to parse the stdout/stderr (as best as I figured
the output message formats).
The cleanest solution would be to use some standard in those if
The parses tries to determine the log message type
and the class name of the message.

If this is too complicated we can always set the 'ac_use_lview' variable
to zero, and use the simple ListView,
without multiple columns, and message type icons.

> The other problem with the console is that it never rolls-off (so 
> the more you log, the more memory the process consumes).

I'll check that, but AFAIK the ListView is limited to 32K items and
after that it should roll-off.
Not sure that is the case, but I'll make that #defined.
> Bug #18220 is simply not implemented for the new ListView 
> control.  It's not hard to do however.  As much as I hate 
> Windows GUI programming, If I get some free time at work I 
> can probably look into implementing it.

I'll try to copy/paste if you don't beet me ;).


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