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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [5] Jasper currently requires a 1.4 JVM
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 05:49:59 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Bill Barker wrote:
>> o.a.j.compiler.JspUtil.makeJavaPackage currently is calling String.split.
>> This means that you currently can't use Jasper (at least for compiling)
>> with
>> a 1.3.x JVM.  Since Tomcat isn't a J2EE 1.4 container I can't see any
>> justification in the spec for not supporting 1.3.x JVMs.  However, since
>> I don't spend a lot of my time with Jasper, I'd thought that I should get
>> the
>> opinions of people that do before hacking away ;-).  The two ways I can
>> see to go are:
>> 1) Introduce a JdkCompat (similar to o.a.t.u.compat, but in Jasper since
>> I
>> can't see making Jasper depend on j-t-c).  Pluses:  People using 1.4 JVMs
>> get all the benefits of String.split.  Minuses: Requires a new package
>> with two new classes.
>> 2) Simply re-code makeJavaPackage to only use APIs from 1.3.x and higher.
>> Basically switch Pluses and Minuses above.
>> Of course, I'm willing to do the grunt-work to implement this.  My
>> personal preference is for 1), but if anyone has a better idea I'm open
>> to that as well.
>> Comments/Opinions/Flames?
> I would do 2. Since it doesn't affect functionality, and I think this
> was a mistake when makeJavaPackage was coded. The gain is not worth
> maintaining two versions IMO.

+1 on 2 - same reasons as Remy.

I would be +1 on (1) if the new methods would be added to o.a.t.u.compat,
not in a jasper package. Jasper depending on j-t-c (or at least the utils )
would be a good thing IMO. ( I know some people disagree on this, no need
to flame :-)


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