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Subject Tomcat apache2, SSL and extremely bad performance.
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 03:19:56 GMT
Thought I'd try here too:

linux 7.3, apache 2.0.45, tomcat4.1.24, mod_jk2, latest and greatest
apache conf: 2 virtualhosts (one secure), pluss default host. No mod_jk2
configuration except "LoadModule jk2_module modules/"
workers2 conf: 1 socket channel, 2 workers ("worker=ajp13:localhost:8009")
server.xml: 1 Coyote connector used(basically just uncommented default
Apache handles certificate, servlet webapp does secure/unsecure
redirection. One connector handles both secure and unsecure comm.

PROBLEM: Responsetimes of up to 12-15 seconds with only 10 concurrent test
threads(jmeter) for very simple content.
webserver error log has plenty of:
[Mon Aug 04 21:50:21 2003] [error] jk2_init() Can't find child 25954 in
[Mon Aug 04 21:50:21 2003] [error] mod_jk child init 1 -2
[Mon Aug 04 21:50:25 2003] [error] jk2_init() Can't find child 25959 in
[Mon Aug 04 21:50:25 2003] [error] mod_jk child init 1 -2

The requests doesn't even have to be for tomcat. Even if I only retrive
static content (such as an image) over https(using jmeter again) I get
these errors. And same bad performance?!?! 10 seconds to retrieve an image
with only 10 concurrent accesses? Pluss the mod_jk errors. Which is weird
considering tomcat shouldn't even be involved??

Hope someone can shed some light on this or has seen something similar

Henrik Bentel

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