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From Tim Funk <>
Subject removing log() from error processing in ??
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 00:39:41 GMT
In the use case of a servlet or filter throwing an ServletException, 
StandardWrapperValve will log the exception to its logger.

If the error is an expected one (such as session timeout or browser 
compatibility check) and there is a configured error-page directive to handle 
the exception, StandardWrapperValve stills logs the message. This causes many 
useless stack traces in the logs for error handling that is already caught.

Does it make sense to remove the log() statement? The the job of logging the 
exception belongs to either ErrorReportValve(?) or the user defined error 

Just to be clear, this is only the log() in the catch (ServletException e) 
code that I wish to remove.

Or I can my developer rewrite his code to use error handling for "real" errors.



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