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From Bill Schneider <>
Subject UserDatabase implementations
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:28:37 GMT
Are there plans to have JDBC or JDNI/LDAP implementations of 

This would be very useful, as webapps often have to perform actions 
beyond what J2EE APIs provide (get all users in group, get all groups, 
add users/groups/membership).  The advantages would be twofold: you 
would only have to configure your user store once in server.xml; and if 
you change between XML, JDBC or LDAP user stores at the server level, 
you don't have to touch your application-level configuration.

Or am I misreading the whole purpose of J2EE container authentication? 
Should J2EE authentication be reserved for server administration-level 
applications like the manager, and should we use a different system for 
application-level access and authentication altogether?

Bill Schneider
Software Architect

Vecna Technologies, Inc.
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College Park, MD 20740
t: 301-864-7594
f: 301-699-3180

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