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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [VOTE] 5.0.7 stability rating
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 16:36:07 GMT
[ ] Alpha
[ ] Beta

<plea>Please vote :)</plea>

Add comments if needed.

Note 1: A note will be added about the need to disable smap generation 
in case of an error in SmapStratum during compilation. Other than this 
problem, I believe this build to be of good overall quality.

Note 2: As far as I am concerned, the 5.0.7 build is feature complete 
(ie, my TODO list is empty). I will now focus on tweaks and bugs. This 
probably means a slower release cycle (assuming this build is voted as 
beta). If anyone has ideas about new items, I think it's safe to say 
it's now or never (at least for the initial 5.0.x release) ;-)

Note 3: I'll be away with little internet connectivity between 08/13 and 
08/19 (included). If this vote could be wrapped up *before* I leave, it 
would be good, but it's not essential, so I don't want people to rush 
and skimp on testing (changing 5.0.7 from alpha to beta and making the 
necessary announcements should be simple enough).

Note 4: 4.1.x went to beta at 4.1.7 (5.0.x's codebase was then created 
from that tag). It is an interesting coincidence. However, I feel like 
5.0.x is considerably more stable than 4.1.x was at this stage (not very 
surprising, with brand new connectors and rewritten Jasper for 4.1.x), 
and I don't feel any particular urge to create a branch either ;-)


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