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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Breaking the build
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 13:14:23 GMT
I don't know if there are any build from scratch scripts out there, I am sure 
there is because of the nightly build process. I wanted a script that pulls 
everything from scratch and does a full build so I can test that occasionally 
for myself.

Attached (hopefully) is a shell script. I've only tested it in cygwin but it 
should work fine in any sh compatible *nix. (The script is very simple and 
anyone with minimal shell experience can easily tweak this)

When you run this script it will create a subdirectory called "buildtc5" and 
use that as a starting point for pulling everything from cvs and use the 
"download" task to put everything in buildtc5/includes as well as the 
checkout task to pull the rest of the source dependences. The only 
prerequisites to running the script are
- JAVA_HOME must be defined and you need jdk1.4
- ANT_HOME must be defined
- cvs must be in your PATH

WARNING: This script uses the anonymous cvs to pull everything and tries to 
append to $HOME/.cvspass the anonymous userid password combo.

to build tc5 from source
- plop the attachment in some empty directory
- run it and wait
- to clean up - "rm -fr buildtc5"


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