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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [5.0.7] New build by Sunday
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 07:58:46 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> "Remy Maucherat" <> wrote in message
>>I plan to make a new build available by Sunday. Comments ? Any issues
>>which would need to be resolved by then ?
>>A number of issues have been filed about commons-daemon and the new
>>Windows .exe wrapper. Is anyone working on resolving them ? (Mladen, JF
>>?) I could have helped on that, but the requirement for Visual C++
>>prevents me from doing so. Is there any way around ?
> Clicking through to the TC 5 bugzilla link, I don't see anything for
> commons-daemon on Unix.  Could you provide bug #s? (and, yes, I'm very
> interested).

There's nothing for Unix. The JSVC wrapper should allow using Tomcat as 
non root on port 80.

> For procrun, I pretty much understand the bugs now, but won't be able to
> meet a Sunday deadline (basically, I have MSVC on my work computer (but not
> my home), but the firewall there prevents me from having CVS access).  If
> you are going to stick to a Sunday deadline, then the procrun bugs will be
> fixed in 5.0.8.

All the bugs so far are with the (brand new) procrun for NT. Bugs 18220, 
21279 (IMO, to make things more reliable and keep it simple, procrun 
should wait for the child VM to die before stopping everything, rather 
than simply waiting until the stop method returns), 22174.
5.0.8 is good enough :)

> You should also indicate if you need the the binaries (@see previous
> paragraph).  If you do, my build-platform will be XP, but they should still
> work with W2K.

Yes. I think JF made it so that procrun is supposed to run on Windows 9x 
also. Do you think compiling on XP could still produce 9x compatible 
binaries ?

Thanks :)


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