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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Soft termination: a demonstration
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 06:45:13 GMT
If I understand correctly, you modify the bytecode to insert checks before
it loops back ? Pretty cool. I haven't looked too much at the code - do you
do it via a generic ClassLoader ? 

Are you interested to contribute this to tomcat, or it's just a demo ? 
I'm wondering if the JVM itself wouldn't be a better place to implement
this functionality ( i.e. a safe implementation of Thread.stop() )


lgis Rudys wrote:

> Greetings --
> As I announces about a week ago, as a part of my research, I have
> developed a mechanism for terminating individual Tomcat webapps (at the
> context level) called soft termination.  For your further enjoyment,
> I've taken the liberty of setting up a demo install of my soft
> termination system.  The demo install is at:
> In particular, the following URL runs an infinite loop that prints the
> current time each second (note it does this with a "while(true)" and no
> sleeps):
> And this URL prints the current system status of the machine in question
> (updated once per second):
> Every 10 seconds, termination of the examples webapp is triggered.  Note
> that it is triggered by updating the modification date of the
> ExceptionExample.class file (forcing a reload which terminates the old
> webapp) and not from within Tomcat.
> Once again, links for downloading the code and to the journal article
> describing soft termination can be found off this site:
> And feel free to badger me with any questions you see fit.
> Enjoy.  Be nice.
> Algis Rudys

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