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From <>
Subject Re: Jasper & Cocoon's Eclipse Compiler Plugin
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:00:40 GMT
On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> Plugging in a different javac compiler if it works better may be
> of iterest.  The only way for the tomcat developer community to
> determine this is to submit a patch so that it can be evaluated.

Alright. I'll come up with one. I was only wondering if there were any
objections upfront ...

> Could you get more specific about which ClassLoader is conflicting
> with using the Eclipse plugin and why it conflicts?

It's not conflicting; rather Jasper needs to be told where all the jars
are in order to build the -classpath option for the java compiler. It does

a) by demanding the context classloader created by the container to be an
URLClassLoader that points to WEB-INF/lib and friends. Jasper will then
extract all 'file:' urls from there (JspRuntimeLibrary)
b) by offering a manual option to set an additional 'classpath' (Options)
c) by using a Tomcat specific 'org.apache.catalina.jsp_classpath' context
attribute (JspRuntimeLibrary)
d) last but not least, by using the system property 'java.class.path'

This is expected to be the joint classpath of the container-provided
webapp classloader. While this works in Tomcat and Jetty, it doesn't in
Resin. Through the cocoon compiler plugin in conjunction with the eclipse
compiler, there is no need for such reverse engineering, as the
classloader _is_ the classpath.

Stay tuned
Matthias Ernst
Software Engineer

CoreMedia - Smart Content Technology

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