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From <>
Subject Jasper & Cocoon's Eclipse Compiler Plugin
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 19:33:56 GMT

I'm experimenting with embedding Jasper/JSP 2.0 into production servlet
2.3 containers / JSP 1.2. That works surprisingly well, using an
alternative lib directory and an additional classloader. (I want to run
tagfiles in Websphere,Dynamo,... before 2005.)

Anwyay, one of the obstacles is Jasper's requirement for the container's
URLClassLoader for assembling a classpath for the compiler. The cocoon
project has solved this by using an Eclipse Java compiler plugin that
reads classes on demand from the thread context classloader. I.e. no jar
location is needed.

I've patched Jasper to use that compiler plugin instead of ant and it
works very well so far. It's even much faster than javac.

Is there interest to incorporate that compiler and remove the
URLClassLoader requirement ?

Matthias Ernst
Software Engineer

CoreMedia - Smart Content Technology

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