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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [5] hotfixes
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:32:48 GMT
Tim Funk wrote:
> One feature of enterprise ready software is the ability to apply small 
> patches to an existing system. For example: if a single class (or a few 
> classes) have an error and that is the only fix - it might be nice to 
> deploy a jar (or jars) that have a higher classloader preference. (But 
> not parent loading)
> This might be nice for those who want bug fixes but they don't (or can't 
> recompile everything) and need a bug fixed and can't wait for the next 
> release. (Due to PHB syndrome)
> The alternative is to make the unpack the jar into the classes dir. This 
> can also be error prone when cleaning up if the user has their own classes.
> Currently o.a.c.startup.ClassLoaderFactory just does a standard 
> directory listing. It might be nice to have the directory listed sorted 
> in some manner so files with certain attributes might be loaded first.
> I was thinking of either
> - sorting by date
> - looking for hotfix-YYYY-MM-DDDD-hh-mm-ss.jar  (or similar) first and 
> sorting those files by name so the newest ones get loaded first.
> Comments?

Sounds like a good idea :)
I have released hotfixes in the past, in the form of an archive which 
contained unpacked classes (which have a priority over the JARs). 
Distributing a timestamped JAR seems cleaner.


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