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From Jack Byrne <>
Subject WAR files with Tomcat 4.0 problem...
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:24:09 GMT

I have a .war file in my webapps directory and it does not get expanded 
when Tomcat 4.0 starts up.

I am getting the error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base 
/install/jakarta-tomcat-4.0/webapps/soap does not exist or is not a 
readable directory

but there is a soap.war file in /install/jakarta-tomcat-4.0/webapps

I have also enabled unpackWARs

<Engine name="Standalone" defaultHost="localhost" debug="0" 
autoDeploy="true" unpackWARs="true">
<!-- Define the default virtual host -->
      <Host name="localhost" debug="0" appBase="webapps" 
autoDeploy="true" unpackWARs="true">
<!-- Replace "localhost" with what your Apache "ServerName" is set to -->
<Engine className="org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpEngine"
     name="Apache" debug="0" appBase="webapps" autoDeploy="true" 

everywhere in server.xml


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