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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: jk 1.2.25 release ?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:02:43 GMT
Glenn Nielsen a écrit :

> I was hoping to get it released this week.
> But I just noticed that under Apache 2 mod_jk piped logs there
> are two instances of the piped log program running for the same
> log file.  I want to track this down.
> I also just implemented load balancing this morning on a production
> server.  I noticed that when none of the workers for the load balancer
> were available an HTTP status code of 200 was being logged in mod_jk.log
> when request logging was enabled. So I want to look into this also.
> Hopefully now that I have load balancing in place with 2 tomcat servers
> instead of 1 the Missouri Lottery web site I administer will scale to
> handle the big spike in load tonight for the $240 PowerBall jackpot. :-)
> Regards,

Ok, so better wait some days to have something cleaner ;)

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