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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [JAKARTA NEWSLETTER DRAFT] News on 'Jakarta Tomcat' from May to June, 2003
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:19:31 GMT
Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:

> Dear Jakarta Tomcat Development Team, 
> (
> We are now preparing the 'Jakarta Newsletter Issue 9',
> news from May to June 2003, which would be published 
> in the middle of July 2003.
> The 'Jakarta Newsletter Issue 9' will be appeared at 
> and the editorial deadline would be 00:00 GMT, 6th July.
> We lowered the barrier to entry - users and developers
> will be able to easily contribute, as prepared the
> ApacheWiki(
> If you have anything to be added to the ApacheWiki, please go to
> and fill up what you want to append.
> If there's nothing news-worthy on 'Jakarta Tomcat',
> then please just write *N/A*.
> If you have been voted in as a new committer in 'Jakarta Tomcat' project
> within these 2 months, please add your name to the list on ApacheWiki.
> Probably, the former newsletter draft (Jakarta Newsletter Issue8)
> would give you some hints in writing the articles.
> cf.
> If you have time enough to contribute to 
> please modify, fill in the ApacheWiki to create more precise and useful pages.
> We really appreciate your contribution.
> If you have any questions about this, please subscribe to 
> and send your messages to 

Here's my proposal for a Tomcat entry:

Project: <nowiki>Tomcat</nowiki>

Editor: Remy Maucherat

The Tomcat team is hard working on Tomcat 5, with the recent release of 
Tomcat 5.0.3, and the upcoming Tomcat 5.0.4 release (another alpha). The 
quality of Tomcat 5.0.3 seems to be quite high for an alpha (which isn't 
that surprising given it is a direct evolution of the Tomcat 4.1.x 
codebase), so we encourage fearless users to test drive it and report 

Planned July builds:
- Tomcat 4.1.25: bugfix only release
- Tomcat 5.0.4 and 5.0.5: bugfix and polish over 5.0.3
- mod_jk 1.2.5: mod_jk 1.x bugfix release

Comments ?


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