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From Mats Henrikson <>
Subject Exporting env vars using JK2
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:59:40 GMT

I am using mod_jk2 to connect Apache2 together with Tomcat 4.1.24. I am
also using some other mods that set some environment variables before
passing the request off to Tomcat. Unfortunately, there does not appear
to be any way to get these env vars exported over the mod_jk2 connector
and into the HttpServletRequest attributes. This used to be easy to do
in the original mod_jk where you would just set:


Looking at the code, there does not even appear to be any support for
this at all in mod_jk2, and the documentation for JK2 does not mention
anything like this functionality at all. Some old patches google comes
up with seems to indicate that many of the old mod_jk config options
have been consolidated into the mod_jk2 JkSet option, but there is no
mention of what happened to JkEnvVar. Some patches from two years or so
ago mentions a Jk2Env option, but this seems to have disappeared since.

Is there any alternative way in which env vars can be passed to the
servlet environment that I have missed?

If not, is this something that is going to make it into mod_jk2 in the


Mats Henrikson
Systems Development and Support
University of Oxford

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