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From Reginald Oake <>
Subject Re: JasperException
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:20:20 GMT

Just to let you know that it appears that I have this problem solved (at
least I got a JSP to compile once).

Thanks to Tim Funk for his help in this although the solution to the
problem actually came from a different source.

I have been running Jakarta 4.1.24 LE (for java 1.4.x) and recently
updated my development machine (the one on which I was having this
difficulty) to j2sdk1.4.2 which I got from I thought I had
also done the same to my production server but was mistaken. I copied
the j2sdk (j2skd1.4.1 from directory from my production
server to my development machine, restarted Tomcat and now everything
appears to be back to normal.

I have no idea whether this indicates that there is a problem with Sun's
j2sdk1.4.2 or with j2sdk on Linux only or if blackdown's j2sdk is simply
better in this respect but it might be worthwhile to add this to the
list of possible solutions to this problem.

Again, thank you for your help with this situation.


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