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From Algis Rudys <>
Subject Soft termination: a demonstration
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 07:09:31 GMT
Greetings --

As I announces about a week ago, as a part of my research, I have
developed a mechanism for terminating individual Tomcat webapps (at the
context level) called soft termination.  For your further enjoyment,
I've taken the liberty of setting up a demo install of my soft
termination system.  The demo install is at:

In particular, the following URL runs an infinite loop that prints the
current time each second (note it does this with a "while(true)" and no

And this URL prints the current system status of the machine in question
(updated once per second):

Every 10 seconds, termination of the examples webapp is triggered.  Note
that it is triggered by updating the modification date of the
ExceptionExample.class file (forcing a reload which terminates the old
webapp) and not from within Tomcat.

Once again, links for downloading the code and to the journal article
describing soft termination can be found off this site:

And feel free to badger me with any questions you see fit.

Enjoy.  Be nice. 

Algis Rudys

         Algis Rudys        Rice University        Computer Science
"Heart has nothing to do with it anymore. It's all in the caffeine."
 -- Frank Pembleton, _Homicide_

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